Lyle Povah announces Drum Run - a bold new ADventure to bring together communities WITH RUNNING and drumming events to benefit local charities.

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Drum Run is a running and drumming adventure project that connects communities and promotes and models health in BC.

Drum Run began as an inspirational vision that has been incubated and developed over years. We're now in the initial stages of creating a series of distance runs and Drum Circles, combined with Kundalini Yoga that will ultimately strengthen communities across the province and give us an opportunity to run, and drum, and have fun together.

This project is largely about building community, so we want your involvement and input. We're hoping that you'll join us to share ideas. Please bring your fundraising expertise, organizational skills, and suggestions for patrons and donors who want to be part of an extraordinary project! Attend our meeting (online on Zoom) to help us create a clear and powerful vision.

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Starting in July 2018. 

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Drum Run will benefit local charities.
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In essence, DRUM RUN is a vehicle and crew-supported charitable fundraising tour that combines:

  • Distance running from community to community throughout British Columbia
  • Community Drum Circles once on location in each of the cities on the tour schedule

DRUM RUN will travel from (and Lyle Povah will run from) city to city, connecting one community to another. The overarching theme is Health, and people of all ages and abilities are invited to run a portion of the daily run with Lyle. If that is not possible, runners may also do their fundraising run on their own time. The tour will also embrace the practice of Kundalini Yoga and will invite DRUM RUN participants to join the daily morning classes led by Lyle. Wherever possible, DRUM RUN will collaborate with First Nations and local facilitators and residents to arrange an open-to-the-public “beginner friendly” inter-generational Community Drum Circle. 


  • facilitate people experiencing the healing, restorative and connective power of the drum
  • connect communities through the memorable experience of running and walking from one’s community to another’s community
  • through daily on-tour practice, to teach and share the health benefits of Kundalini yoga
  • raise funds for charities
  • enjoy the shared stories and friendships that would emerge through such an experience
  • inspire others to dream big
  • support health by accessing and connecting the drumming and music, fitness and yoga communities to create more awareness, partnerships and fundraising
  • promote an embodied connection to the earth when outdoors and engage in healthy activities like drumming,running, and yoga


NOTE: Though unofficial as yet, Drumming and Health is exploring the possibility that BC Children’s Hospital and InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care might be two organizations that DRUM RUN could fundraise for.

DRUM - Lyle is an international musician and workshop facilitator (see bio below). He has been at BC Children’s Hospital one day a week for 25 years, sharing drumming and music with kids, parents and staff throughout the hospital. He has a 6 year history with InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care, leading Drum Circles for the “Life Program”, and teaching Kundalini yoga classes.

RUN - Lyle has run four marathons to date, Maui Marathon, Great Wall of China Marathon, Vancouver Marathon, and the Eugene Marathon in Oregon. He ran Vancouver and Eugene in well under the qualifying time to be accepted into the Boston Marathon, which he'll run next year on April 16, 2018.

YOGA - Lyle has taught Kundalini yoga in China, at YogaOne, Bound Lotus and InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care in Vancouver Canada, as well as at Mountain Institute’s maximum security prison for men in Agassiz.

DRUM RUN will be documented. To date, Lyle has 3 companies interested in documenting DRUM RUN. One person is a world renowned documentary filmmaker.

The tour will be bringing along about 75 African drums, so that drums can be provided to those who don't have a drum. Community Drum Circle events will be planned and advertised well in advance through local contacts. Lyle has toured British Columbia over his long history as a musician/facilitator so has connections in many communities. Drumming and Health is inviting participation from individuals, groups and companies that would like to be involved. Runners can fundraise themselves for DRUM RUN, or they can sponsor Lyle with a fixed or per kilometer donation.

The scope and tour distances for DRUM RUN are to be determined, with ultimately no limitations for how large the project can be. Various scenarios are being considered. The most likely option is a “pilot project”, a 2018 fundraising tour of about 2 months in duration, to perhaps be followed up with a longer tour in the future.


  • Introduce Drumming and Health’s DRUM RUN to everyone, your friends and contacts (and drum circle facilitators, drum enthusiasts, runners, yoga teachers and enthusiasts, sponsors and donors) throughout and beyond the province of British Columbia, tell them about DRUM RUN and invite them to join the run, volunteer, be a supporter or organize the Drum Circle venues
  • If you have the required skills, be an on-tour Crew Member
  • Join the research team that will be tasked with all of the pre-planning and logistics for DRUM RUN
  • Join our Planning Team on Facebook
  • Register to get regular info updates and event invitations


Lyle Povah is a musician, percussionist and African drummer, drum circle facilitator, researcher and workshop leader, as well as a Kundalini yoga teacher and massage practitioner, with particular interest in the areas of health and community building. He recently returned from 2 years in China and Japan (and Thailand and Bali), where he led various therapeutic music and drum circle programs, including corporate team building sessions with IBM China and Joy International, as well as teaching Kundalini yoga. Across 5 of 6 continents, he has utilized drumming, rhythm, the voice, and movement to promote all aspects of wellness.

Lyle offers programs at conventions, retreats, hospitals, festivals, correctional facilities, schools, and at seniors and community centres. He presents at national and international conferences, works in health care centres, eating disorder and psychiatry wards, youth-at-risk programs, with church groups, special populations, the underprivileged and homeless, and those dealing with addictions. Lyle leads yoga and drumming programs for Corrections Canada at medium to maximum security prisons for both men and women.

Lyle and his company Drumming and Health has conducted groundbreaking research into the health benefits of drumming for eating disorder patients at St. Paul’s Hospital’s In-Patient Eating Disorders Program. He has also worked at British Columbia Children’s Hospital one day a week for 23 years, runs programs for InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care, and the BC Cancer Society. Corporately, he works regularly with UBC’s Sauder School of Business and many other organizations, banks and universities.

Lyle recently led a drumming and rhythm session for 900 attendees at Lululemon’s International Leadership Conference in Whistler, Canada. As well, in March this year, he led the week long “Embody your Expansive Spirit - a Yoga and Drumming Retreat” in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. 

In March of 2018, Lyle will facilitate an event for TEDx Stanley Park with 2700 people at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

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