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Lyle Povah

Lyle Povah is a musician, percussionist and African drummer, drum circle facilitator, researcher and workshop leader, as well as a Kundalini yoga teacher and massage practitioner, with particular interest in the areas of health, community building and spirituality. He spent several years in China, Japan, Thailand and Bali leading various therapeutic music and drum circle programs.

He presents at national and international conferences, leads corporate team building sessions, and brings musical fun and learning to many musical arenas, including health care centres, eating disorder and psychiatry wards, youth-at-risk programs, church groups, special populations, the underprivileged and homeless, and those dealing with addictions.

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Drumming and Health is all about facilitating interactive, fun and healing musical and rhythm-based events locally and globally, to calm the mind, tune the body and revitalize the spirit!  Lyle has always been a student in the areas of health, community building and spirituality. All around the world he has utilized drumming, rhythm, the voice, and movement to promote all aspects of wellness. An international leader in the music and health field, Lyle’s diverse career finds him offering programs at retreats, hospitals, festivals, correctional facilities, schools, and at seniors and community centres.

Lyle leads yoga and drumming programs for Corrections Canada at medium to maximum security prisons. Lyle and his company Drumming and Health has conducted ground breaking research into the health benefits of drumming for eating disorder patients. His first-of-its-kind study at St. Paul’s Hospital’s In-Patient Eating Disorders Program in Vancouver Canada produced highly significant health benefits for patients participating in regular Drum Circle programming. Lyle has worked at British Columbia Children’s Hospital one day a week for 23 years, runs programs for InspireHealth Supportive Cancer Care and the BC Cancer Society, as well as facilitating executive development programs for the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.


Lyle utilizes music and African drumming combined with other instruments and songs to build community and boost health.  Lyle has worked at BC Children's Hospital one day a week for more than two decades, conducts programming and research at St. Paul's Hospital on the Eating Disorder ward, is on the Faculty and leads "Drum Talk" and "Drum Talk for Families" at the Haven on Gabriola Island, facilitates executive development programs for UBC's Sauder School of Business, leads the 18 year running weekly drop-in Beat Street Community Drum Circle, and works with InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care. Certified in Kundalini Yoga, Lyle teaches at YogaOne and Bound Lotus Yoga Centre.

In China, he lead corporate team building sessions with IBM China and Joy International, and Rites of Passage programs for Chinese youth. In 2016 Lyle was thrilled to lead an inspiring drumming session for 900 participants at Lululemon's International Conference in Whistler.

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