Beat Street Community Drum Circle 2014 – our 18th year!

Update: Drumming and Health goes to China April 25 to develop a series of therapeutic Drum Circle programs. Note: Beat Street is on an extended break until February 2015.

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The circle runs weekly (some exceptions – email me to confirm) on Sundays 3 – 5 p.m. No one turned away for lack of funds.

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Participant Feedback:

“Thank you, Lyle, for receiving Mitchell so warmly into the drumming group. It was heartwarming to see how comfortable he felt. He is a very physical sort of child and the drumming experiences are a real affirmation of his strengths. Personally, I am so glad that you are out and about in the community – helping us all to reconnect in a very personal way with the power of music.” Colette, June 2013.

“Talk about feeding my soul! Can’t wait to do it again and again and again…”


The Beat Street Community Drum Circle started in 1996 and may well be the longest running weekly drop-in circle in Canada.

Drop-in Sundays from September to June, Jericho Hill Centre, 3 – 5 pm, 4196 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada. An inter-generational, multicultural and weekly rhythmical celebration, all ages and stages welcome, first-time-beginner-friendly, wheelchair accessible (advance notice required), drums and instruments provided. Regular fee: Adults – $12; Children under 16 years, seniors, special needs – $9; Families – $30; kids under 4 years old free.


Benefit – Rheumatoid Arthritis:

>  “When I came here today I was in terrible pain in my left hand with a rheumatoid arthritis flare up. The pain had been excruciating all night and all morning and I had no use in my hand. After the first half of the drum circle, and using my left hand very gently to keep rhythm, I was amazed to find I could straighten my hand and the pain had subsided. I expected that this could make my hand worse rather than better. My hand was very energized. I see the possibility for all kinds of healing. I am amazed.” Kate Evans – participant, Beat Street Community Drum Circle – Sept 18, 2011.

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A drum circle is a rhythm-based event where people gather in a circle to express themselves with African drums and percussion instruments. A facilitator guides the session, encouraging and supporting people as they reconnect with their innate sense of rhythm. Inclusiveness is a core principle – people of all backgrounds, mobility, ages and skill levels (even first-time beginners) can participate.

The circle has potential to teach us about community, inter-generational learning, creativity, team building, spirituality, mentoring, wellness, and respect for other cultures. It becomes a model and metaphor for our world family, an opportunity to engage in an age-old activity where young and old (and all of us in between) play and celebrate together.

A circle video sample: Beat Street Community Drum Circle



A regular Beat Street Community Drum Circle participant spoke quite emotionally, with tears welling up in his eyes and his voice breaking, as he recalled being offered various instruments in grade school and wanting only to be a drummer. I asked the question “How does the drum circle affect you? to which he answered “It brings me back to my heart of hearts, everything I grew up wanting to be, I can be… this roots me in what I am”. He has been attending the weekly drop-in circle for over 5 years.

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