“Play is the Work of Children.”

>  Photos above further illustrate the flexible and inter-generational nature of the Drum Circle Model. Some event photos include: West Richmond Community Centre Lantern Festival, BC Professional Firefighters Burn Camp, Lord Tennyson/Bayview/Homma and Carnarvon Elementary Schools, Japanese Day Care Centre, Drummers from Ghana, Tom Thumb/Crown Preschools, Zajac Ranch for Children, Douglas Park and the Jewish Community Centres, West Vancouver Library, Delta Parks Polar Bear Swim, Naramata Centre, Beat Street Community Drum Circle.

“Lyle Povah is a talented and professional musician and educator. Over the past five or six years Lyle has come into our Childcare Centre on numerous occasions to share his amazing and unique drumming program. Lyle’s passion for the music and his natural warmth, patience, sense of humour and ability to really listen and include everyone make him an instant hit with children. Lyle’s approach to the music and his gift with the presentation ensure that everyone is fully engaged and having fun!
Lyle brings a drum for each participant including other educators and families who may wish to join the group. In addition, Lyle introduces the children to a remarkable variety of unique and interesting musical instruments. His buckets and baskets are overflowing with the tools of music. Such an abundance ensures that children never lose interest because he always has something new to offer or a different way of approaching something. Lyle teaches children how to handle the instruments and then gives time for play and experimentation before helping the children put it all together as a group musical experience. It is a quite a treat to witness the joy that children, young and old, experience while in his class.”

Cathy Carlin, Director, Carnarvon Childcare Programs, May 2013.

“Thank you, I have never had something like this, all these sounds are amazing, and I think I have found an interest.” Leon, Grade 6/7 class, Tomekichi Homma Elementary School, Richmond, February 15, 2013.

You made this the best day ever!!” Caroline, Grade 5/6 class, Henry Anderson Elementary School, January 25, 2013.

Lyle led a drumming workshop with my Grade 6/7 class. I was searching for an opportunity to engage the students in an activity that accessed all ways of learning and multiple intelligences. Lyle’s drumming session was a perfect fit. We were inspired by his passion for the art of percussion and the students were surprised at how amazing their music sounded! At this age (11-12), kids are continuing to develop their self-esteem and sometimes struggle with taking new learning risks. Lyle was a patient and positive facilitator, and by the end of the workshop these kids were bursting with excitement when drumming with their peers. So often, as kids move up through school, they move towards individual projects and tasks. Lyle’s drumming workshop was a great opportunity to engage in cooperative learning. It reminded us that learning and growing can be done together, and something great can be grown out of a collective experience. Thanks Lyle!

Jennifer Ng – Teacher, Queen Elizabeth Elementary School

Lyle changed our event from a standard party into a day that everyone there will remember for years to come. He managed to engage people from age 2 to 72 in a way that all generational differences were erased, and everyone was just enjoying the magic that music can bring. Watching the subtlety that Lyle used to bring people who don’t consider themselves musical into the mix was fantastic. Thanks again!

Panos Grames – from “Grames Brothers”, renowned Vancouver-based band, Northwest roots music scene

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