In the Spirit of the Drum 2016

“Thank you, Lyle, I am gaining so much from my experience with the drum circle.  It is helping me in my recovery from pain after being struck by a car, as a pedestrian, back in July 2013.  I look forward to the continuing positive experiences with the group.”
Christine, participant, North Shore Community Drum Circle

Thank you for an absolutely amazing time that truly touched my soul.” Shelley, participant, North Shore Community Drum Circle

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“Fun, relaxing session! A good reminder that we all have spiritual needs and there are many ways to fulfill them. Thank you.” Participant, Real Estate Board of Vancouver, corporate team building “Lunch and Learn” session.


Monthly Drum Circle – North Shore Community Drum Circle at Lynn Valley United Church

North Vancouver, BC, 2nd Saturday of every month, 10 am to 12 noon
NEXT Event – January 14, 2017.
Registration and more info – click here.

We invite people of all ages, abilities and mobility to try their hand at drumming at the only regular Community Drum Circle on the North Shore. Drums are provided, including tiny drums for tiny hands!!


>  “One World, Many Voices – A Multi-Faith Musical Celebration of Spring”, with Lyle Povah and Tatiana Speed – Devotional Chanting, Sunday April 22, 2012. By donation, with proceeds to “Musicians without Borders”.

“The music touched my heart – the rhythms soothed my soul. I feel refreshed, revived, renewed.”
Judy – Drum Circle workshop series participant – Lynn Valley United Church (March 2012)

Note: “Drumming and Health” has lead workshops and retreats for the United Church in Toronto Ontario, Edmonton Alberta, Vernon and Victoria BC, as well as Canadian Memorial, Burnaby, Chown, Shaughnessy Heights, Crescent and Ryerson United in the Lower Mainland.


A Drum Circle can become a safe container within which to engage in authentic and meaningful discussion about spirituality and personal healing. For many others, it becomes a deeply spiritual experience, and words are unnecessary. The notion that our spiritual nature can be accessed and expressed through the drum is an age-old tradition. There are many rhythms, songs and chants that celebrate spirituality and healing… all are intended to build rapport and set the mood for inquiry and connection.

“Drumming and Health” has been honoured to offer the following programs to facilitate spiritual exploration:

* also see slide show below

>   “AFRICAN DRUMMING – BRIDGING SPIRITUALITY AND THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE”, at the 2010 Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education(CAPPE) National Conference in Banff Alberta, Canada.

Tapping into the Spirit of Rhythm

>   “AFRICAN DRUMMING AND SPIRITUALITY: THE EMERGENCE OF SPIRIT IN THE DAILY RHYTHMS OF LIFE”, co-lead with Colleen Steel at the ‘Spirit Heals’ Integrative Medicine Conference at the University of Victoria in Victoria B.C., Canada.

A HEALTH CARE PERSPECTIVE: We often say “Mind, Body and Spirit” when referencing an integrated human being. The Western health care culture is much more definitive when describing and addressing mind and body, yet less so with spirit. A Drum Circle is an expressive and cooperative process that can evoke in participants some of the elements of spirituality, such as contribution, connection, creativity and surrender. Individually and as a group, we can experience how making sound can quiet the mind, soothe the body, and create community through connection to oneself and others. This further highlights our interconnectedness and can open up a pathway to Spirit.

>   NARAMATA CENTRE in the Okanagan, 11th year, week long “Spirit Drum” summer retreat

Community Drum Circle - "Spirit Drum" at Naramata Centre

Community Drum Circle – “Spirit Drum” at Naramata Centre

>   PRESENTED AT ‘LEAD 2004 – FAITH FORMATION THROUGH THE LENS OF THE ARTS’ – United Church conference in Banff Alberta, Canada. A MusicWorks article “Drumming and Spirituality” was written as supplementary workshop material – SEE EXCERPT BELOW. Complete article available on Research and Articles page.


“When I am drumming with a group and the sound is “on”, I feel “connected” in
the largest sense of the word, to my body, to others, to nature, to God, as if the
pieces of the puzzle now fit together. In describing sacred music, I once wrote
“….the musical landscape has been laid open, there is synchronicity without
words, guidance without a guide, and for a time, there is no time….”. There is
also no effort or thought required – the body, mind and spirit feel nourished and
supported, and sometimes it seems as though someone other than me is making
the sound.
Clinical psychologist George Leonard, when speaking of drumming as being a key
factor for invocation of spirit says: “Drumming breaks up the ordinary habit
patterns of the brain and opens up the possibility of alternative patterns
emerging”. When different patterns emerge the result is creativity, the word that
for me is most synonymous with God. I have heard it said that our purpose in life
is to remember and re-create who we are, the idea that no additions are
required, only that what is already there is recognized and celebrated. The drum
reverberates through our whole multi-dimensional being, an ancient call to bring
us back to ourselves and to God, and with that a creative, passionate and vibrant
life. The drum and rhythm have become my instruments for remembering. I hope
the drum can speak to you as well.”


* “Lyle Povah teaches drumming. Well, yes and no. Through drumming, Lyle opens up paths to individual creativity, nurtures relationships, builds community. Whether with a group of a dozen middle managers or a multi-generational crowd of 200, Lyle is one of the most powerful instructors and respectful facilitators I know.”
Derek Evans, Executive Director, Naramata Centre

* “Lyle is fantastic – very inspiring. He includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development along with the drumming. He brought a circle together with gentleness, encouragement and skill. I am profoundly moved and grateful that I had this opportunity.” ‘Spirit Drum’ participant, Naramata Centre

* “Thank you so much for this unique experience… I loved the rhythm and energy, bringing an ancient atmosphere of healing…” Nicu Liuta, Pastor, St Paul’s Hospital Staff Retreat

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