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Teaming With Rhythm Team-Building Drum Circle Workshops

Teaming with Rhythm 

Team Building Drum Circle Workshops

Team building drum circle workshops are dynamic, energizing sessions that combine drumming and experiential exercises to grow cooperation and rapport among your team members.

Then your team takes your organization from great to extraordinary!


Get your team working better together. 

Your Team Building Drum Circle Workshop

  • Your Drum Circle Workshop will be super-fun and energizing, beginner-friendly, interactive, moderately physical, and can focus on a particular theme. The purpose is to help position your team to move from great to extraordinary. The average workshop time is from 60 to 180 minutes, depending on the package. The session can include a short bio break, depending on the session length.
  • Each of your team members get to play a drum plus a wide assortment of percussion instruments from around the world. They’ll learn basic drum sounds and together as a team we’ll create a strong musical foundation upon which we can build beautiful, complex and fun rhythm. 
  • Built into each unique session are interactive elements that may translate into better performance, reduced costs, greater success achieving or exceeding goals, and even increased profits. These things become more possible because team building workshops foster better communication, re-forged teams, and effective listening. Participants report tighter collaboration and committed cooperation, stronger leadership and self-initiative, with team members feeling less stressed out, totally revitalized, energized, and more personally powerful. 
  • This rhythm orchestra is a metaphor for how your company runs its business. When your staff experience playing music as a group,  together they will work better on the job. 
Lyle Povah encouraging team building workshop participants
Your facilitator Lyle Povah has over 30 years experience and specializes in helping your team members access their natural power and initiative. 

Powerful Add-Ons!

  • Add on our exclusive Identity Booster Process to turbocharge your team and enhance long term positive team outcomes.

  • Add on Values and Vision to tighten individual connection and commitment to your organization's guiding principles and direction. Values and Vision is an add-on module that clarifies and infuses with emotion and fun your organization’s key goals and cultural principles to inspire teams to their their most extraordinary potential and leads to opening doors to significant opportunities. 

  • Add on Celebrating The Wins, a unique customized energizing process to ensure essential appreciation and recognition is delivered effectively to individuals and teams to encourage maximum engagement and future performance.

  • Your Team: Stronger & More Cohesive 

    Better performance, reduced costs, greater success achieving or exceeding goals, and even increases in profitibility comes when organizations focus on improving their team dynamics and investing in their staff. 

    Why? Because this happens: 

    • Better communication
    • Stronger teams
    • Effective listening
    • Collaboration and cooperation
    • Stronger leadership and self-initiative
    • Team members are revitalized, energetic, and more personally powerful

    "Drumming brings cohesion and warmth ... it brings people into their own self and creates magic ..."
    David Dunne, Director, UVIC MBA Program

    Claire Booth, CEO Lux Insights  

    A drum circle was the perfect exercise for bringing our team closer together. I highly recommend Lyle – he brought the right amount of thoughtfulness, energy and humour to the group. He is a fantastic facilitator!


    Get your team working better together. 

    Team Building Drum Circle Workshops enhance the sense of community and connectedness between individuals and groups within your organization.

    team-building was fun

    Christine Lithgow, President and CEO, Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.

    How Team Building Drum Circle Workshops Can Help Your Organization

    • Staff work more efficiently together
    • Departments start communicating better
    • Barriers between staff can be resolved
    • Staff are motivated and performance improves
    • Productivity increases and profits go up
    • Conflict is reduced
    • Staff turnover and absenteeism improves

    Teams We've Worked With

    • UBC Centre for Intercultural Communication
    • Leadership Vancouver
    • Health Benefit Trust
    • Parkgate Community Services
    • TD Canada Trust
    • British Columbia Ambulance Services
    • HSBC
    • BC Ferries Corporation
    • Harbor Properties Seattle
    • Vancouver Airport Authority
    • Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
    • Simon Fraser University Faculty of Education
    • Vancouver Public Library
    • Small Potatoes Urban Delivery (SPUD)
    • Vancouver Coastal Health
    • BMO Financial
    • Sun Microsystems
    • ICBC
    • Caritol Continuing Care Society
    • Midtown Mental Health Team
    • BC Hydro
    • 2Paths
    • Intercorp
    • Aon Reed Stenhouse Incorporated
    • Essa Technologies
    • UBC Enrollment Services Staff
    • Real Estate Board of Vancouver
    • UBC Sauder School of Business
    • Metro Vancouver Planning, Environment and Parks
    • Department of Justice
    • UBC MBA Health Care Program
    • UBC Accelerated Leadership Program

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    Get your team working better together. 

    Teaming With Rhythm Team-Building Drum Circle Workshops

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