Embody Your Expansive Spirit – Costa Rica 2017



Embody Your Expansive Spirit

Yoga and Drumming Retreat February – March, 2017

International instructors Mahan Khalsa & Lyle Povah led a week-long Yoga & Drumming Retreat in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Located on the white sandy beaches in Costa Rica, Santa Teresa Boutique Hotel, Spa & Yoga Center is a magical & enchanting landscape for you to reconnect and embody your expansive spirit.

Yoga means to join, and through the practice of yoga, one can join their finite physical self with their vast infinite Self. A committed practice increases one’s sensitivity to self, others and the environment, thereby expanding awareness and increasing connection and well-being.

Drumming delivers us to our primal self, to an ancient time when the human heart and the heartbeat of Mother Earth pulsated as one, and becomes a calling, reminding us that rhythm has always been our intimate companion.

Each of the disciplines of yoga and drumming avails us to high vibratory states of consciousness, and can enhance intuition, inner peace and optimal health. Drumming and yoga together allows us to dance on the outskirts of mystical and extraordinary.

Explore, relax and play on four acres of unspoiled tropical beaches. Enjoy silent nature walks.

We also have an opportunity to give back to the local community through a day of heart-centered Karma Yoga at one of the local schools. This week long retreat is a GIFT from you to YOU! Say YES, because you’re worth it!



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