Drumming and Health Mission Statement:

“To inspire and motivate people and communities throughout the world, through rhythm and music that creates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.”

“Thank you so much for sharing this amazing therapy with us. It was so much fun! Definitely needed it after a long exhausting day.”
1st Year Med Student, Info evening at InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care.

“This let me be angry and happy at the same time.”
Teen Senior Choir Participant, Maple Ridge Secondary School, Nov 2, 2016.

In the health promotion field, Drum Circles foster self-expression, social interaction and self-empowerment – it is an ancient activity used in a modern way to bring people together in celebration and for wellness. Read below: health benefits for people with osteoarthritis, back pain, a car accident, HIV, tinnitus, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis.

“Today was amazingly healing as usual. I got up in such pain – I cried and then thought ‘All this will go away as I drum and it DID!’ Thank you Lyle!”  Participant (with osteoarthritis), North Shore Community Drum Circle, April 19, 2014.

“Thank you for an exhilarating experience! By the end of it the pain in my back was gone, simply amazing! Keep drumming Lyle!”
Sandi, Mindfulness and Compassion workshop with Victoria Pawlowski and Carol Ranger, Feb 28, 2014.

“Thank you, Lyle, I am gaining so much from my experience with the drum circle.  It is helping me in my recovery from pain after being struck by a car.  I look forward to the continuing positive experiences with the group.”  Christine, North Shore Community Drum Circle, Feb 1, 2014.

“I was amazed that the drums could actually heal. While in the healing circle I had pain reduction.”
Participant, Opening Drum Circle for Positive Living Society Retreat, Loon Lake Research & Education Centre, Aug 30, 2013.

“I was nervous before I came about the drumming.  I have tinnitus and I was worried it would be too much.  It wasn’t.  The drumming was very soothing.  I enjoyed it.” 
Participant, Better Breathers Education and Peer Support Group, through Vancouver Coastal Health, March 2013.

“The drumming session was such a success. I noticed how people’s energy revived effortlessly as soon as the drumming began yesterday, contrary to the low energy level customarily apparent at the end of the first program day.”
Carol Thatcher, Director of Programs, InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care (Nov 15, 2012)

“When I came here today I was in terrible pain in my left hand with a rheumatoid arthritis flare up. The pain had been excruciating all night and all morning and I had no use in my hand. After the first half of the drum circle, and using my left hand very gently to keep rhythm, I was amazed to find I could straighten my hand and the pain had subsided. I expected that this could make my hand worse rather than better. My hand was very energized. I see the possibility for all kinds of healing. I am amazed.” Kate Evans – participant, Beat Street Community Drum Circle – Sept 18, 2011.


The work is immensely diverse – each year MusicWorks, based out of Vancouver BC Canada, works with over 100 different companies, groups and institutions, in health care settings, corrections, conferences, community and arts organizations, education and schools, faith communities, senior and preschool centres, and various ethnic groups and universities. Some programs are ongoing (example – B.C.’s Children’s Hospital, InspireHealth Integrative Cancer Care, UBC Sauder School of Business, St. Paul’s Hospital Inpatient Eating Disorders Program, and the Beat Street Community Drum Circle) and some are “one-off” events. While the focus, content and intended outcome of an African drumming, rhythm and music session would be different for the various groups, universal themes that thread through the experience is bolstering health, promoting peace and building community. Session participants range in age from babies to seniors and include people of diverse ethnic, socioeconomic and spiritual backgrounds. Part of the universal appeal of this unique activity is its accessibility, even for first time beginners. The most common benefits people report (through formal and informal surveying) as a result of participating in a Drum Circle are being more inspired, energized and relaxed, and less anxious.

Offering Drum Circle Programming and Music in these diverse areas:

>  Drum Circle Programming with Eating Disorder Patients
>  Drum Circle Programming with Psychiatry Patients
>  Drumming and Wellness Research
>  Keynote Speaker Engagements
>  Hospitals
>  Community Events
>  Autism
>  Special Needs Children & Adults
>  Corporate Team Building
>  Seniors and the Well-Elderly
>  Community Drum Circles
>  Parent/Teacher Education Seminars
>  One-to-One Sound and Wellness Sessions
>  Drum Circles and Equine Facilitated Learning
>  Youth-at-Risk/Adolescent Treatment Centres
>  Retreats/Workshops
>  Schools
>  Inter-Generational Learning
>  Music and Spirituality
>  Staff Retreats
>  Corrections Canada/Prison In-Reach
>  Conferences
>  Teaching
>  Sacred Chant Events
>  Addictions and Recovery Centres
>  Mental Health Facilities
>  Private Functions & Special Events & Parties!

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