Drum Circles

Drumming with new friends is fun!

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A drum circle is a rhythm-based event where people gather in a circle to express themselves with African drums and percussion instruments. A facilitator guides the session, encouraging and supporting people as they reconnect with their innate sense of rhythm. Inclusiveness is a core principle – people of all backgrounds, mobility, ages and skill levels (even first-time beginners) can participate. It becomes a model for our world family, an opportunity to engage in this age-old activity where young and old play and celebrate together.

The intention of the Drum Circle Program is to provide a healthy environment where individuals within a group context can celebrate and express the full range of the human experience, and in the process connect with their own creativity, passion and ultimately personal healing. Drumming and Health’s philosophy is one of inclusiveness, inviting people of all ages and backgrounds on a personal exploration through rhythm.

. . . studies found that older adults can boost their immune function, reversing age-related declines, by making music as participants in drumming circles.

Dr. Daniel Levitin
Psychologist, McGill University
Trends In Cognitive Science Journal, April 2013 

Wonderful example and embodiment of inter-connectedness, respect and reciprocity!  

Matt Murphy 
Assistant Professor, University of Victoria
International MBA Program

I really really enjoyed just taking the morning to enjoy music - one of my passions - and learn a little about a new instrument, and work in a creative way with my team. I think we all very much enjoyed it. Thank you again. I feel rejuvenated!!  

David B. 
Staff Member, Mountain Institution
Corrections Canada 



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