Drum Circle Description


A drum circle is a rhythm-based event where people gather in a circle to express themselves with African drums and percussion instruments. A facilitator guides the session, encouraging and supporting people as they reconnect with their innate sense of rhythm.

The experience is at once stimulating and relaxing, therapeutic and evocative, reminding us of a time past when people gathered together to make music, sing and celebrate. Inclusiveness is a core principle – people of all backgrounds, mobility, ages and skill levels (even first-time beginners) can participate. The circle has potential to teach us about community, inter-generational learning, creativity, team building, spirituality, mentoring, wellness, and respect for other cultures. It becomes a model for our world family, an opportunity to engage in this age-old activity where young and old play and celebrate together.

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Lyle Povah

About the Author

Lyle Povah

Lyle Povah is an international musician, drum circle facilitator, and motivational speaker. Book him for your next event.

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