Staff Holiday Parties Boring?

Get things shaking this year with a Drum Circle Workshop with team building facilitator Lyle Povah from Drumming and Health.

Give your staff an exciting event that brings them fun and at the same time strengthens your organization. Combining music, drumming, storytelling, and team building exercises, your staff will have a blast this year. And your organization will be closer to having an AWESOME 2018! 

  • Each team member gets to play a drum plus a wide assortment of percussion instruments from around the world.
  • Sessions are super-fun, beginner-friendly, interactive, moderately physical, and can focus on a particular theme.
  • After learning basic drum sounds, we create a strong rhythmical foundation upon which we can build.
  • This rhythm orchestra is a metaphor for how your company runs its business. When your staff experience playing music as a group, together they will work better on the job.
    Add on our exclusive Identity Booster Process to turbocharge your team and enhance long term positive team outcomes.
  • Add on Values and Vision to tighten individual connection and commitment to your organization's guiding principles and direction.
  • Add on Celebrating The Wins, a unique customized energizing process to ensure essential appreciation and recognition is delivered effectively to individuals and teams to encourage maximum engagement and future performance.

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Lyle Povah

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Lyle Povah

Lyle Povah is an international musician, drum circle facilitator, and motivational speaker. Book him for your next event.

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