Don’t worry….it’s awesome!

When you and your work buddies first find yourself sitting together with drums in your hands it can be a little nervous-making. You might think: “I don’t know how to play a drum”, “I probably look silly”, or “I don’t have a musical bone in my body!” But then you start tapping on the drum with your hands and slowly you relax and a beautiful rhythm starts to appear. You look around and you see that your work buddies are actually enjoying themselves and having huge fun. They’re smiling and laughing and moving to the rhythm. Then you notice that the music becomes intricate and elegant and powerful. And a strange phenomenon has occurred: your hands just seem to know how to the play the drum. It’s like you always knew what to do. But more importantly you realize that you are feeling calm, peaceful, and joyful and so are your work buddies.  Wow. Awesome!

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Lyle Povah

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Lyle Povah

Lyle Povah is an international musician, drum circle facilitator, and motivational speaker. Book him for your next event.

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