Happy New Year … September!

“Drumming with a bunch of employees from our company was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. It was a most amazing experience and I will never forget it.” — Amy Basha Conetsco, Lululemon Store Manager

When the leaves start to fall and kids go back to school – do things start hopping on the business side too? What’s your company doing to up it’s game this fall? Not sure what needs to get done? Start looking at your team! Are your staff synced up with your organization’s vision and strategy?

There’s lots of ways to do team building but have you tried drum circle workshops? Put all your people in a circle and help them have fun together making music so they can go back to the job and work better together there too! Some companies have reported seeing improvements in productivity, profits, turnover and absenteeism.

We’re booking for Teaming With Rhythm Team Building Drum Circle Workshops and we’ve got some slots still open for September, October and November.

Visit Team Building to find out more.

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Lyle Povah

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Lyle Povah

Lyle Povah is an international musician, drum circle facilitator, and motivational speaker. Book him for your next event.

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